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Mooby’s tuvo el placer de entrevistar al reparto de la nueva serie de AMC TV «Fear the walking dead», esta nueva propuesta de la cadena de televisión que llevo al estrellato la serie «The walking dead» promete enseñarnos como nació la historia de esta epidemia, con nuevos personajes, así que sin más dilación os dejamos la primera parte de nuestra entrevista en ingles (por que sabemos que os apañáis de sobra) con el reparto de la nueva serie que se estrena a nivel mundial la madrugada del 23 al 24 de agosto.
Fear the walking dead

En España a las 03:30 de forma simultánea con Estados Unidos, pero tranquilos que se volverá a emitir el lunes 24 de agosto en primetime a las 22:·10.
Fear the Walking Dead está localizada en Los Angeles, y se centrará en nuevos personajes y tramas. La primera temporada de seis episodios de una hora, se estrenará en AMC en agosto. La segunda temporada de la serie acopañante se lanzará en 2016.
Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero y David Alpert de “The Walking Dead” son productores ejecutivos de esta nueva serie que, como la original, está producida por AMC Studios. Dave Erickson (“Marco Polo”, “Sons of Anarchy”), quien ha co-creado y co-escrito el piloto con Kirkman, es el productor ejecutivo y el showrunner. La serie está protagonizada por Cliff Curtis (“Missing”, “Gang Related), Kim Dickens (Gone Girl, “Sons of Anarchy”), Frank Dillane (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), Rubén Blades (El invitado, Depredador 2, etc), Mercedes Mason (Cuarentena terminal, La reliquia del mal) y Alycia Debnam Carey (Into the Storm). 

Rubén Blades y Mercedes Mason
Fear the walking dead


Question: So how do you guys feel walking in the world of “The Walking Dead”?

Mercedes Mason: So excited. [laughs] So, so thrilled. I mean the fans… we were saying we haven’t met them yet, we obviously haven’t done our panel that’s to come, but on social media they’ve been so supportive and amazing. I’m dying to walk into Hall H. Cannot wait.

Rubén Blades: It’s going to be interesting to see what the take is. You know, because this is a different show. And it shares the common background, but it’s about what people do when facing the collapse of civilization. The other show is really a reaction of what has already happened. This show, you don’t know what’s happened.

Mercedes Mason: Our characters don’t even know.  We think it’s an infection.


Fear the walking dead

Rubén Blades: We don’t know what’s going on. They have a bad hair day. They’re acting weird. What’s really going on? Would you kill these people? Would you attack them? What do you do?

Mercedes Mason: Well, especially because we obviously adhere to the rules of “The Walking Dead,” the way they move the way the act but, our walkers haven’t decayed yet. And again, it’s the onset to the original beginning. So we… you were having coffee with your neighbor yesterday who’s now trying to eat your face. You know… it’s a whole different situation when they look human.

Fear the walking dead
 Photo by RHS Photo. Courtesy of AMC Global.

Question: How about Los Angeles? That’s going to be fascinating to see such a metropolis…

Mercedes Mason: Diverse melting pot…

Question: Yeah, going to Hell in a handbag.

Mercedes Mason: Well the cool thing about LA is people… it’s a dream maker, right? You want to leave your past and you come to LA to create a future. You have hopes and dreams. And, I think all of us have sort of ended up in LA because of that reason. We want to have a resurgence. We want to have a beginning. And of course when this happens then, it all sort of crumbles backwards and you literally are forced into figuring out who you are.

But I like the fact that it’s very real. There’s a mixing pot of all cultures and it has nothing to do with being Latin or being Caucasian. It’s… we’re families. And we’re all going to act the same way. We’re all human at the end of the day and how do we all get along together when we’re forced together?

Rubén Blades: Right, it’s a study on humanity. This is important because it’s not like a token Latino family.

Mercedes Mason: [laughs] Yeah.

Rubén Blades: You know let’s put them in there so we can have this demographic covered.

Mercedes Mason: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Rubén Blades: No, it’s about what happens in a place like Los Angeles that has a very strong Latino presence. New York is the same thing. New York has over 3… or about 4 million people that are of Latin background. We don’t… unfortunately, our contributions to the US society are not registered the way they should be, and our presence. We’re finally now in outer space. You know, they got old Oscar Isaac in the new “Star Wars.”

We’re going to go for… They’re doing a movie about the 27th century and they’re worried if you have an accent? Who gives a shit? [laughs] Who’s going to care in the 27th century if you have an accent? You know, so… this is about people and it’s a… I really think it’s a wonderful example of what can be done. These people did it, AMC. It’s not… the family is just… and again it is something that happens. The collapse is happening and people gravitate towards each other because of the circumstance. It’s not like planned. So all of a sudden you have somebody who’s US with somebody who’s Latin background because she’s more American than Latina at this time in the blood. I’m old school. So it’s really interesting.


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