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    Nuestra última parte de las entrevistas con el reparto y producción de «Fear the walking dead» no nuevo de AMCtv. En esta ocasión hablamos con Greg Nicotero (Productor ejecutivo), Gale Anne Hurd (Productor ejecutivo) y Cliff Curtis en el papel de Travis.
    Question: With LA as the setting but you being a Kiwi and coming from New Zealand, have you ever thought about how an apocalypse like that would look in New Zealand?
    Cliff Curtis: I’m trying to convince them to come to New Zealand [laughs] for a season. Get back to me in a couple of seasons, if it’s still going. But yeah, I have. I know how it’s going to go down, too.
    Fear the walking dead
     Photo by RHS Photo. Courtesy of AMC Global.

    Question: How would that be different?
    Cliff Curtis: I’m going to write a pitch for a season, and pitch it to Gale [Anne Hurd] and them and see if they buy it. [laughs] It would be really gorgeous and we can utilize a lot of the leftover props from the “Lord of the Rings.”
    Question: Yeah, I’m thinking. Would there be like zombie sheep as well?
    Cliff Curtis: Yeah, absolutely. [laughs] It would be zombie sheep and sheepdogs. It will be very cute, that you would struggle with whether you should kill the zombie sheep or not.
    Question: On the talent for the new show, not your show [laughs] It seems really different. But every time we get one episode in the first “The Walking Dead,” there’s character development, things like that. There’s a lot of people that go online and start, I can’t stand this show anymore, because there’s no – there’s this audience that only cares about the action.
    Gale Anne Hurd: You know why they say that? They say that because the truth is, there are only so many interesting ways to kill a zombie. I think we’ve included a lot of them already in “The Walking Dead.” If that is just what it was, people wouldn’t keep tuning in. If you’re not invested in a character, if they are dead, it’s just like all the people would care about is, is it a really inventive death? People keep watching. I think it’s just cool to be the person who complains. We don’t even have to take those complainers on because on the Internet there are enough people going, then stop watching if all you’re going to do is complain. We would not have been able to do Seasons 3, 4 and 5 if we hadn’t done Season 2 getting all the characters to the farm.
    Cliff Curtis: If that was the case, then how has it become the biggest show in the world?
    Question: I totally agree.
    Gale Anne Hurd: But anyway we believe that people watch television and tune in to a serialized show like this that isn’t a procedural because they are invested in these characters, they are identified with these characters. They care about these characters. They identify with them to the point that if they are killed off – to this day, there is still a campaign to bring Beth back. Everyday, I get more tweets about that. She’s been on two other shows now. She’s been on “Masters of Sex.” She was killed, but that’s how deeply connected the viewers are to each one of our characters.
    Fear the walking dead  Photo by RHS Photo. Courtesy of AMC Global.
    Question: But is it something that you were concerned about, because this first “Fear The Walking Dead” for me it feels like it’s going to be slow paced. It’s going to take a while to get to see a zombie.
    Gale Anne Hurd: The difference is the power of this show, which people will really connect with from “The Walking Dead” is that they aren’t monsters. At the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, these are your neighbors, these are your friends, these are your family members who are turning. That’s a much different thing than even a hoard of zombies attacking you. It’s much more difficult to pull the trigger.
    Cliff Curtis: Especially some of them are not that threatening. Some of them are not necessarily. What it does is that the show imagines a world where it’s real. When things are real, you can imagine things and think, it’s all going to be one thing. Usually the reality of something is a lot more complex than you would first imagine. They utilize that as a technique and as a device really effectively, the writers and the creators of the show, is that they set up an expectation of how you think you’re going to behave in a given situation. Then humanity, or life, intervenes and then you go in a different direction. That’s what keeps audiences walking, [laughs] I mean talking and walking to their sets to watch. Coming back to the show is that setting up an expectation and then denying it with the reality that is totally plausible and authentic and makes absolute sense. That’s the surprise. Wow, I didn’t expect that to happen. I didn’t think that that character would do that. I thought in that situation – and then it makes us question. I would never have thought to do that, but it makes perfect sense that that’s what will happen. That’s what I think keeps people watching as much as the audiences that like the other stuff. I think I can quite confidently say there’s going to be plenty of that coming within the first season like good servings for those that want it.
    Gale Anne Hurd: Have you guys seen the promo yet?
    Question: No.
    Gale Anne Hurd: If you can’t be at Hall H today, you’ll see it. It will be online. [crosstalk] [laughs] I was given two tickets. I’m afraid that as much as I adore you, [laughs] the two tickets that… [crosstalk] You’ll see because a lot of people think, oh, family drama. This has incredible scope. You will see that when you see the promo. All the people that are saying, this is just a little show that takes place in a high school and a house. It’s got incredible scope. [crosstalk] You don’t have to believe me, you’ll see.
    Cliff Curtis: It’s got scale but there is a slow burn aspect to it. You do need to invest in the characters and what’s happening in the world, but there’s definitely some scale and some scope. I was impressed. I’m from New Zealand. We’re impressed by very little. Like, there they go again. I was like no, I was feeling squared and impressed with some of the stuff when I turned up on sets some days. It was good stuff.
    Fear the walking dead
     Photo by RHS Photo. Courtesy of AMC Global.
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