Hoy os dejamos con las entrevistas realizadas a Elizabeth Rodriguez (Liza) y a Lorenzo James Henrie (Chris) reparto de la nueva serie de AMC tv «Fear the walking dead».
Question: Can you explain your characters? Because we don’t really know too much about the…? 
Elizabeth: We know slightly more.
Question: Yeah.
Elizabeth: Just slightly.
Fear the walking dead
 Photo by RHS Photo. Courtesy of AMC Global.

Question: Can you tell us all the stuff they told you not to talk about?
Elizabeth: Not to tell you?
Question: That’s what I’m talking about. Yeah. 
Elizabeth: No, I wish I could. If I didn’t I would have to kill you because they would sue me for a lot of money but I’ll tell you about us. So I play Liza Manawa and I am Cliff Curtis’ ex-wife and this is Cliff Curtis’ son played by Lorenzo Henrie.
Lorenzo: Christopher.
Elizabeth: Christopher.  So we had him when we were young and I put my life, my dreams sort of on the back burner to do this family and 12 years later, I realized that Travis played by Cliff [Curtis] isn’t changing much and so we decided to part. It’s amicable and so I’m pretty much a single mom. He goes away with him sometimes but his character is now involved with the Clarks and her kids which require more energy. So I’m very protective of him. I go back to school to be a nurse because I don’t have time to go back to school to become a doctor so I’m sort of burning the candle on both ends and I don’t have a lot of time for BS.
So I’m a little bit protective of him when it comes to his dad in terms of like, if you say you’re going to do something, do it.  And then things happen [laughing] as they want to do in apocalypses and we all come together. The Clarks and my family, we all end up coming together. What would you like to say about your character, Lorenzo Henrie?
Lorenzo: Christopher. Christopher is a kid that is very angry and upset. He’s a 16-year-old sophomore in high school. He’s very wounded from his father because his father you know, broke a promise to family unity, to family bond and it sort of built a resentment in him and you sort of see the journey of you know the backdrop of this broken family trying to come together and him finding the balance of loving his father again or not really loving his father again and also you know protecting his mom because he loves his momma. So that’s Christopher.
Fear the walking dead
 Photo by RHS Photo. Courtesy of AMC Global.
Question: So basically with everything you’ve said, the show is promoted as a family drama more than pure horror.
Elizabeth: Absolutely. Absolutely and that’s the backdrop. It’s a family drama with a lot of complex relationships and figuring it all out and it’s what happens when these families come together and have to deal with things that are unexplained that we don’t know what they are and who knows what at what point and how do we maneuver in the world while we’re trying to figure out what the rules are and also protect ourselves, and hold on to our values.
Question: Do the zombies stand for some kind of metaphor in this context or are they just mixing with life and ordinariness?
Elizabeth: Well, we don’t know that they don’t fully exist in this episode. We don’t know what they are. The incredible thing I think is the audience or the fans are a step ahead of us, if not more than one step ahead of us. None of this family has watched “The Walking Dead,” so we have no idea what it is. Is it a pandemic? You know I think it’s not a metaphor. It could be anything you know? It could be a natural disaster. It could be ISIS. It could be anything that will create and does create in the world a sort of incredible, traumatic experience where it becomes about survival and holding onto what you know or trying to hold on to who you are, your values, as they continue to change at rapid speeds while you’re trying to survive and protect your loved ones and then it gets – how does that work when these three families are thrown into the same world? There’s that.
Question: Right but it’s a “The Walking Dead” show. For the viewers, how do you think it’s going to fit into it because it’s called “Fear of the Walking Dead”? Not your characters but your viewers who have some kind of pre – they will be waiting for something.
Elizabeth: Absolutely. Yeah, which I think this show does bring that. It brings it in little bursts where the viewers know what it is while we don’t. You know, so I think that is where the excitement of you know, sort of, oh, don’t go in there. You don’t want to do that. Oh, you know. They know the rules and so I think that level of the viewers knowing what we don’t know is what’s phenomenal. Oh, we figured it out at rapid speed.
It starts out as a slow burn and then things happen really fast. And so I think that’s the most exciting part is the not knowing what the rules are. That’s where all the fear is, you know. Not knowing who’s really alive, who’s not? Is your neighbor…do they have no choice? Are they going to be able to take care of what this is? Is this something that can be cured? Is the government taking care of us? Is it local just in L.A.? You’re just under the assumption that it’s all going to be taken care of and not like cut to two months later, you know, three weeks later and you’re in the world of “The Walking Dead.”
Fear the walking dead
 Photo by RHS Photo. Courtesy of AMC Global.

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